The Health Benefits Of Soda You Never Knew

For as long as we can remember, people have been cracking open cans of their favorite soda. Do you know about the health benefits of drinking pop? Do you know if there are ANY benefits of drinking it?

Although it certainly comes with some downsides, there are several health benefits as well. Unfortunately, for quite some time, the media has associated our favorite fizzy drinks with a long list of negative health effects.

Calcium depletion, obesity and tooth decay being some of the most well-known downsides. The reality is that not all carbonated beverages are created equal, and many of them have a wealth of health benefits to provide. A carbonated drink is nothing more than fizzy water and flavoring.

Health Benefits of Carbonated Water

ealth benefits of soda pop
Is soda pop good for you?

When you consider the fact that all of it is made out of carbonated water, it’s important to consider its health benefits. Most people don’t know what carbonated water offers most of the same health benefits that regular water offers.

Since it’s basically just regular water with carbon dioxide added to it, why wouldn’t it have the same benefits? The addition of acidic and sugary ingredients is what makes it a bit more damaging to your health. However, it’s important to understand that something is only dangerous when you consume too much of it, which is why moderation is key.

Since it’s basically like regular water, carbonated water is able to keep you hydrated so don’t listen to people who say pop doesn’t give you hydration. It’s true that carbonated water doesn’t offer nearly as much hydration as regular water, but it’s still beneficial.

Cure Upset Stomach

Each day, millions of Americans suffer from upset stomach. There are many types that can relieve upset stomach, nausea and indigestion. Many studies have been performed on the benefits of carbonated drinks for curing stomach conditions.

In these studies, some people were told to drink regular tap water while others were told to consume a soft drink. The studies revealed that carbonated water has the power to cure upset stomach, and it can reduce indigestion significantly.


Another benefit of drinking this beverage is constipation. If you have bowel movements less than three times a week, then you’re suffering from constipation. Fortunately, you can use the pop made with your personal machine to cure constipation.

Some of the symptoms of constipation are painful bowel movements, gas and bloating. Research shows that carbonated water has the ability to relieve constipation, and the symptoms that encompass it.

Be Responsible

At the end of the day, we need to be responsible adults. Yes, it’s a great idea to buy your own machine, but we need to be responsible and consider how much sugar water we’re drinking or how much we’re allowing our children to drink.

Although soft drinks can taste amazing, there is such a thing as too much sugar water so drink responsibly. If you haven’t already purchased your own machine, you don’t even know what you’re missing out on. For the top products, check out this page.

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