How to Make Soda Water?

How many words can you find to describe soda? Refreshing? Sizzling? In all actuality, big companies like Coke or Pepsi rely on common, predictable adjectives to describe their products. Next time you see a soda commercial, pay close attention and you will see what I mean.

Why is this important?

Fewer beverages companies can develop new flavors on their own, even at the mad race called the Great Flavor Rush which means fighting over those desired white spaces in the supermarket.

But who needs them anyways, when you can become your own mad scientist in the kitchen by creating your own combinations of flavor. Then we are fabulously free to describe our concoctions with adjectives that include nuttiness, floral, or even savory.

The point is you can do better than any beverage company with soda by making it personal. Existing products will never do justice compared to what your own creativity can muster up. The best part is people are truly enjoying this endeavor. The mystery behind Pepsi or Fanta is unveiled inside our own tasting kitchens.

Creating a Healthy Alternative

Home carbonation will save you money and ultimately help the environment, because you are not contributing to waste via plastic bottles. By diving into your own personal soda experience, you can make your bubbly stuff healthy. Imagine being able to take your favorite fruit or flavors and creating a super healthy, signature drink. You probably would swear off store bought soda forever.

There is a wide range of options in carbonation. The most familiar option is the new Soda Stream products being marketed recently. Then there is a quieter way using a different process:

The Old-Fashioned Way—this method began as a way to make seltzer water at home. The idea is to use a soda siphon with an attached gas canister to carbonate your water. Think of those whipped cream dispensers, and you have an individual seltzer bottle. Always monitor your fizziness to prevent over-carbonation; you don’t want your soda to explode. With the expense of cartridges, it comes out to be about 50 cents a bottle. If you are interested in this method, check out the review from a blogger who uses a seltzer bottle, he thoroughly compares store bought seltzer and homemade seltzer.

The New Approach— this is the best invention since sliced bread. You will not be able to contain the childhood giggle that comes after making your first soda. It is that good, and applaud-worthy. The Soda Stream Fountain is a gem. If you lack creativity, they have over 60 different kinds of flavors to combine. The manufacturers who sell should receive an award for taking the time to explain in laymen terms how to use the Soda Stream and how it impacts the environment in a positive way. Much of new products out today lack user-friendly instructions and frustrate the person trying to use it. This is not the case with the Soda Stream Fountain. They even teach you how to customize your taste experience with a hefty amount of pro tips.

For instance, not many people know that fruit flavors taste better with lighter carbonation and colas require intense bubbles. They encourage you to find your own perfect fizz.

The Benefits of Homemade Soda Water

Think of all the possibilities and benefits of making your very own soda. The process is basically water infused with carbonation and flavor. Here are the advantages of homemade soda water:

  • You control how much carbonation you desire in your drinks
  • This particular brand includes over 60 different flavors like orange, grapefruit, and even energy. You can experiment with their options or your own. Some people keep their drink recipes unsweetened, or even add wine. The technology permits individual preferences.
  • Think green. You are no longer contributing to landfills, returning bottles to redemption centers or accumulating plastics in the home. The manufacturers took the time to include refillable plastic bottles especially designed for this great soda-making product.
  • Your health. Soda with sugar in it is one of the leading causes of obesity, diabetes and other health related issues. People drink too much soda without consideration to future health consequences. While flat-based water drinks taste like they are missing something, adding carbonation can replace store bought soda. You can make your drinks fizzy and low calorie.
  • Consider how much space you will save. No more bottles and cans sitting around, instead one simple machine resting on the counter which is easy and fast to use for a beverage.
  • The convenience is ultimately a time saver. The replacement C02 cartridges can be kept snug under a counter. When you want a soda right now, then you are not hassled with going to the store and lugging around your bottles.

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