Best Sparkling Water Makers

Healthier than a can of soda, sparkling water makers are finding huge success in homes today. How about a drink of Orange Mango or Lemon Ginger soda as an alternative to the acidy overzealous coke beverage? For all coke lovers do not despair, Black Cherry Cola awaits your approval within the realms of homemade sodas. And for those wishing low calorie tastes, how about Sparkling Gourmet Apple Blossom?

Sparkling water is simply water with carbonation. It is the basis for all soft drinks. If you haven’t heard of the new products out which allow you to be wildly creative in your own soft drink endeavors, then it is time. These exquisite machines are simple to use. You may just risk engaging your child-like imagination for countless flavor combinations.

At some point, you will find yourself skimming the kitchen cupboards and refrigerator to see what other genius concoctions you can come up with. Even a bottle of wine hiding quietly away will become test-worthy. Don’t blame yourself for becoming the mad scientist who develops his own wicked signature drink. It is inevitable with this cool technology. Now anybody can indulge their passion for homemade sodas with the best sparkling water makers.

The very best brand of a sparkling water maker has to be the ones SodaStream produces. While most people might think homemade soda was invented only recently, SodaStream shows a healthy history dating back to 1903. Through surges of popularity and setbacks, this company has risen to new demands gracefully.

SodaStream makes 7 different styles of sparkling water makers. Each one is a superior product with separate selling points. The different styles include: Fountain Jet , Play, Genesis, Source, Source Metal, Power, Crystal, Revolution, and the Penguin.

There are some differences between different SodaStream machines such as:

  • Construction—some of the SodaStream models are made of plastic and other SodaStreams are made of metal. The metal ones are going to be sturdier and last much longer.
  • Price-- Different models range from 70 dollars up to around 200 dollars.
  • Carbonation-- SodaStream machines uses CO2 cartridges to create sparkling water. They offer 2 sizes: 60L and 130L. All SodaStream machines will accept the 60L carbonators, yet only a few accept the 130L variance.
  • Bottle mechanism--SodaStream machines have 2 types of mechanisms which attach the CO2 cartridge to the soda maker, either twist-on or snap-lock. The twist-on one requires a bit more time whereas the snap-lock mechanism is fast and hassle-free.
  • Extra features-- The more expensive the SodaStream model, the more extra features. Some models have features like buttons to carbonate your drink automatically or carbonation indicators and even glass carafes instead of plastic bottles.
  • Appearance: Some SodaStream machines look very sleek and modern whereas others have a more simple appearance. The best SodaStream model is an eye-catching design resembling a penguin.

One of the easiest models to use is the Soda Stream Fizz. It is different from the other Soda Stream models because they use a “Fizz Chip” in this design. This chip will actively monitor the amount of CO2 remaining in the cartridge and then display that amount on a small LCD screen to notify you when it is time buy a new tank before it becomes empty. The Fizz also monitors how much carbonation is in your bottle. This helps when you are trying to get a perfect soft drink.

The best sparkling water maker would not be complete including all the fabulous flavors available. If you have yet to make up your mind about one of these delightful machines, just take a look at the flavors, and forget all the brilliant combinations you can make either with these offerings, or simply skimming through ideas.

Syrups cost around 7 dollars for a bottle that make 21 liters of tasty soda. The newest flavors available from SodaStream include:

  • Sparkling Gourmet Blackberry Lime 
  • Sparkling Gourmet Green Apple Cucumber 
  • Sparkling Gourmet Variety Pack 
  • Waters/Fruit Berry Mix 
  • Waters/ Fruit Kiwi Pear 
  • Waters/Fruit Pink Grapefruit 
  • Sparkling Gourmet Coriander Apple Blossom
  • Sparkling Gourmet Lime Basil
  • Waters/ Fruit Apple Peach
  • Waters/Fruit Berry Mix 
  • Waters/ Fruit Kiwi Pear 
  • Waters/Fruit Pink Grapefruit 

Enjoying a fresh glass of ‘look what I created’ is a thirst quest for all. Waste no time getting in on this crazy, wonderful experience. After you have become the beverage guru, there is no turning back to those boring varieties in your supermarket. The SodaStream sparkling water maker is the top choice in beverage makers today.

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