The Top Most-Bought Soda Flavors In The United States

As Americans, we love our soft drinks. In fact, it’s almost as if some of us were born with a Coca Cola in our hand. Have you ever wondered what the most-consumed flavors are?

Want to know what soft drink flavors Americans have a weakness for? This list might shock you more than anything because many of the flavors features in this list aren’t nearly as exciting as we would want them to be.


Since it’s one of the most well-known brands in the world, it’s really no surprise that Coke is the #1, most-purchased soft drink in the world. This rating is based on sales volume, which represents how much of the drink is sold every year.

Coke continues to hold its grip on market share. It comes in a red can, doesn’t taste all that great and contains caramel coloring, which, according to recent studies, has the potential to cause cancer. Nonetheless, Coke is the #1 flavor in the US.

top soda flavors in the US
Doesn’t this look tasty?

Diet Coke

Since Coke holds the #1 position, it should come as no surprise that diet-Coke sits pretty as America’s 2nd most popular flavor. Although diet Coke is still very popular, as evident by its sales volume, the total sales volume for diet flavors has been declining, and to be honest, many companies aren’t really sure what to do about it.


As the 3rd most-purchased flavor, Pepsi is another of America’s favorite. Oddly, though, it tastes almost identical to Coke, but Pepsi has a slightly different taste, and we enjoy Pepsi more than Coke, but we aren’t huge fans of either flavor ever since we bought our own machine.

Mountain Dew

This is the 4th most-purchased flavor in the US. After tasting this flavor’s sweet lemony taste, it’s easy to see why Mountain Dew is so popular. It comes in a green can but isn’t extracted from the top of some snowy mountain like the commercials would have you believe.

This flavor breaks away from the typical Cola flavors and offers consumers something a bit less routine. Mt. Dew also contains a significantly larger amount of caffeine when compared with the other flavors.

Dr. Pepper

Many Americans crave Dr. Pepper, and there is a reason why it’s one of the soft drinks that you see in the small fridge positioned right before the register. This flavor is the 5th most-purchased flavor in America.

It sort of has a cola type of taste, but like Pepsi, it’s slightly different. Dr. Pepper kind of has a bit of pep in its step – if that makes sense. Although it’s still considered one of your typical cola-flavored drinks, it’s obviously one of the America’s favorites.


In terms of sales volume, Sprite comes in at number 6. It has a citrus, lemony kind of taste, and although it would seem like it would taste like Mountain Dew, it actually tastes nothing like it. As the label would imply, Sprite tastes a lot like a lemony-lime type of flavor.

However, it would seem that when the manufacturers make Sprite one of their machines malfunctions and pours too much carbonation into the mixture. Sprite is one of the flavors that you can only take a few gulps of before you start to choke and hiccup because of the excessive carbonation.


We’re going to skip ahead to the 10th most-purchased flavor in the US, which is Fanta. This drink was stuck in obscurity for quite some time, but recently, it has become extremely popular. Fanta sort of tastes like an orange-infused version of Sprite but without the excessive carbonation that Sprite is known for.

The US sales volume for these flavors shows you exactly how popular they are, but you should use this as an opportunity to get creative and buy your own. With a high-end  machine, who needs these flavors? You can make your own special flavor and show this brand who is boss!

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