Is SodaStream Healthy?

As early as the 17th century soft drinks were being sold. Lemonade was the first in the streets of Paris. Once carbonation of water was discovered in 1767, soda pop became an instant hit. Americans have learned the hard way about consuming too much soda, with weight gain and a host of other health concerns. Still, soda is well-loved. As the nation begins to change their eating and poor lifestyle habits, beverages are one of the first areas taking the hit.

To the rescue is a home soda brewing system known as SodaStream. This marvelous invention has reportedly raked up $436 million in one year. The claims of a healthy alternative, being environmentally friendly and lowering expenses has the attention of the whole nation. Yet, is SodaStream Healthy?

SodaStream allows the user to create their own sodas and beverages at home in less than 30 seconds. They offer a wide selection of over 60 flavor options. While the company doesn’t strictly focus on healthy syrups, half of their syrups do include low calorie or low sugar options. SodaStream uses Splenda in their non-diet drinks.

Yet here is the beauty of SodaStream. It is a tool to be used to make better beverage choices. When you have ultimate control of what is in your drink, by making it yourself then you can exercise optimal health decisions. Simply skip the sugar and artificial flavors. Build your own signature sodas and waters. For instance, after carbonating your water add 100 percent fruit juice to keep it natural.

If you truly wish for more traditional flavors found in soft drinks, there are options. Companies such as P&H Soda Co., Drink More Good and even Williams-Sonoma have all-natural soda syrups, which can replace SodaStream brand syrups. SodaStreams versatility lends to a huge possibility of uses.

Exciting Flavor Options

With that, consider the exciting option of creating your own flavors. Soda is basically sugar water with carbonation. Think about using ingredients such as fresh blended strawberries, lemons, or ginger to whip up a healthy concoction. This is what makes SodaStream popular.

Another reason consumers are running out to buy SodaStream is it compliments an environmental conservation mindset. How many people collect endless amounts of plastic bottles or cans and know these are being disposed into landfills? This eliminates the need for waste with refillable plastic bottles. There is no hassle in expense, time, or waste anymore with a SodaStream.

Maybe the colas tastes like an off-brand, but overall, what you save in totality is worth the getting used to. There are numerous cookbooks out which are dedicated to homemade syrups worth checking out if only for the healthy ideas for beverage making.

About SodaStream

SodaStream prides their mission on being able to empower people to make ‘better for you’ drinks, and encourage consumers to personalize beverages to each individual’s taste. They do make note to tell the consumer that all that all their flavors exceed the food safety standards set by the FDA, and are labeled so, as to stay in accordance with those federal guidelines. For consumers who must have dye-free and chemical-free options, SodaStream has this covered too. They offer several flavors made from only natural ingredients which are completely free from colors, synthetic ingredients and artificial flavors.

SodaStream is a truly unique opportunity for consumers to take wellness into the next level. With Americans now consciously trying to improve their lifestyle habits, SodaStream is an excellent tool to accommodate the beverage area. You are not limited in any way, but instead afforded the chance to experiment with refreshing combinations, even trying a new kind every single day.

Ultimately, this makes more sense than being constricted to what is available in stores. While we don’t always know every single ingredient in store purchased soft drinks, SodaStream gives the consumer the upper hand on this. If you are truly looking to lower your soda consumption, save money, remain environmentally conscious and change your lifestyle, then SodaStream is a giant step in that direction.

There are nine different models of SodaStream available to the consumer, along with 60 different flavors in a variety of categories. The instruction manuals are extremely user-friendly and the company honors its product through great customer service.

Make this year your SodaStream year. Is SodaStream Healthy? Yes. Now it is time for you to discover this for yourself and your family. Get the facts as SodaStream

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