Best Sparkling Water Maker

Sparkling water makers have been around for awhile now, even though the surge in popularity has just hit in the last year. There are a host of reasons why they are in demand. Here are a few reasons consumers are running to get theirs:

  • You love sparkling water. In fact, you love it so much it is costing you more money and time to keep trekking to the store to have it on hand.
  • With that, you are probably tired of lugging home bottles or cans, and now realize it makes more sense to have your very own sparkling water maker at home.
  • Sparkling water makers bring out the creative genius in you. While you may begin the journey by following the recipes to the exact, before long you are the mad scientists experimenting with not only the homemade syrups, but whatever else is on hand. No fruit or flavor is safe.
  • With that, you also have risen to the world’s best bartender and can make cocktails better than the favorite bar in your city. Experimentation is everything when a cool gadget is introduced.
  • You are environmentally conscious and love the idea of low impact on the earth. As well, the recyclable and refillable containers make you feel you are doing your part to conserve.

So, which is the very best sparkling water maker?

Hands Down, it is any sparkling water maker made by Soda Stream. Soda Steam has a wide variety of different models, and all do exactly what they say they will do. If you take a close look at any reviews on Sparkling water makers, you will not find one which does not include Soda Stream. Their machines work better and last longer than any other machines offered on the market today. To put it mildly, Soda Stream dominates this niche, and will continue to do so.

If you are new to this, but excited to get started, the best pick for the value is the Soda Stream Fountain Jet Home Soda Maker Starter Kit. It is very user-friendly, and comes with all the items you will need to get started. You are getting a mid-level price, variety of fizz-making options, flavors (sugar free included), and cartridges.

Let’s talk about the cartridges. The company does use proprietary carbon dioxide cartridges, and they can be spendy, but not in comparison to what you would pay over long term for all those trips to the store to re-up on carbonated refreshments. You may or may not go through a lot of them, depending on how much you use your machine. Amazon carries the refills cartridges at the best price.

The next level up in Soda Streams includes the model The Source”. This is applauded as the very best Soda Stream has to offer. It also offers three different starter kits, but on their website and more expensive than if you were to comparison shop. These are tailored to market to particular populations. This is unnecessary in cost, when you can go to Amazon and pick up the exact same machine, plus get flavors you actually love. The Source also offers the widest range of bubbles—from super fizzy to lightly carbonated, this is the best-tasting seltzer.

If you want more high tech, then seek out Soda Stream models Power or The Penguin. These models are going to be more high cost, but offering sleek metal accents with convenient features such as snap-lock for the bottles and automatic touch button activation. These are the golden versions of Soda Stream.

Yet, if you are a beginner fizzer, any will do. Soda stream includes in the starter packs all which is necessary to become quite handy at making your own homemade refreshments. Once you own a Soda Stream, you will wonder why you didn’t make the investment in this gadget a while ago.

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