Top Three Best Soda Makers For Your Fizzy Fantasies 2014

You’re probably one of millions of soda lovers. Since we love it so much, you know we had to make this top-three list. We actually spent a ridiculous amount of time hand-selecting these three products – we spent nearly triple the amount of time we had planned on the project. We found that this is the best product for making your own.

However, we believe our additional effort will better serve our readers. The machines discussed below were chosen based on several different criteria.

What was most important to us was the functionality; we wanted to recommend only the best to our readers, so these products needed to have superb functionality, in terms of what can be made with them.

As they say, variety is the spice of life. However, we also selected these models based on how easy they are to use and how much value they provide for the money. There is no point in making your own soda beverages at home if you can’t figure out how to work the darn machine. Let’s jump right into the selection.

Our #1 Pick

To be honest, we were really going back and forth on the 1st and 2nd picks. However, we ended up placing the Sodastream Jet Starter Kit as the #1 pick. There is just too much to love about this product that we had to put it as #1.Sodastream Jet Starter Kit

When compared with other products, this product is one of the more expensive models, but the company has an excellent reputation, and the additional cost is worth every penny.

With this product, you can convert regular tap water into sparkling water or soda, and you can do it in less than 30 seconds. We recommend purchasing the mixes that come with the product, and each bottle of mix makes about 12 liters, which is about 33 cans. Let’s look at the pros and cons.


This product has TOO MANY pros to list, but we’ll cover the most important ones. What we really like about this product is that it works as advertised. There are some other soda makers that are notorious for NOT working as advertised, and consumers end up having so much trouble with them that they decide to return the product.

Another benefit of using this product is the fact that it gives you total control over carbonation levels. You can choose how many carbonation you want to add to the drink, and it will sound a buzzing sound when you’ve added too much. Another advantage is the list of seemingly endless flavors.

There are MANY different flavors, and while not every single flavor is to die for, MOST of them taste fantastic.

You really get so many more flavors with this machine than what other products have to offer. The fact that this soda maker allows you to refill and reuse plastic bottles means it even helps the environment. Last but not least, the Sodastream Jet Starter Kit is small enough to tuck away on the countertop.


If you’re looking to buy one because you want to save money, then you probably shouldn’t buy this. Yes, you can save money by using this product, but you won’t save the massive amount of money that you might think you can save.

Some consumers don’t like having to purchase additional flavoring and syrup, and they also don’t like having to return cartridges, so if you’re looking for something that is EXTREMELY convenient, then you should probably stay away from ALL of these products.

Overall, this is an excellent selection for the money, and the company that makes this product is very trustworthy, so if you have any problems, you’re in good hands. You can buy this product for a decent price right here.

Our #2 Pick

We decided on the Primo Flavor station Home Beverage Maker Model 110 for our #2 pick because it offers great value for the money. It also has several features that many others lack.Primo Flavorstation Home Beverage Maker Model 110

This machine costs slightly less than the #1 pick. It allows you to turn virtually any drink into a sparkling beverage.

Unlike some of the other products, this one requires no electricity, and you can use it with 0.5 and 1.0L bottles. It’s actually powered by CO2. If you want to make healthy soda pop at home, then this product is probably a good fit for you. Let’s look at why we chose this as our #2 pick.


There are numerous reasons why this one is #2 on the list. Unlike some of the other models, this product is very easy to use. It also doesn’t leak, which seems to be a common problem with similar products.

Another reason why we chose this machine as #2 is because it carbonates really well. If you’re making pop at home, you want a machine that carbonates well. After all, the most important part is the carbonation – that is also the main reason why kids love it.

One of the major reasons why we chose this product is because it’s cheaper than the SodaStream initially and over the long-term. We also like this product because it’s very easy to setup.


The only real problem is that this model is going to be discontinued soon, so you need to buy it while you still can. The only other problem that consumers have had is finding somewhere to refill the CO2 for this product. Regardless of the downsides, we still believe this product is worthy of #2 on our list. You can get a great price on it right here.

Our #3 Pick

We actually ended up choosing the Cuisinart CSS-100 Compact Sparkling Beverage Maker as our #3 pick. You can purchase this product for a decent price, and it offers great value for the money.Cuisinart CSS-100

It only takes seconds to convert water into a tasty sparkling beverage. It only takes a few seconds to add your favorite flavoring, and the beverages made with this product taste amazing. This product has a starter pack that comes with 10 flavors and several other goodies. It also comes with a charger chamber and carbonator.


One of the major reasons why this model made the top-three list is because it doesn’t require you to return the cartridges, which is required with this choice.

No need to return the empty canister to the store; this product won’t occupy space on your counter. Since the CO2 canisters are biodegradable, you can just throw them away when they’re empty.


Some consumers have had minor issues with the Cuisinart CSS-100 Compact Sparkling Beverage Maker. In some cases, it can cost as much as $20 for a box of CO2 cartridge refills, and some consumers have an issue with this price.

However, this option produces AMAZING sparkling water. Despite the downsides, this is a really great product, so it made out top-three list. We believe it offers more than enough value for the money, and it’s so neat and compact. You should be able to get it cheap right here.

The Top Most-Bought Soda Flavors In The United States

As Americans, we love our soft drinks. In fact, it’s almost as if some of us were born with a Coca Cola in our hand. Have you ever wondered what the most-consumed flavors are?

Want to know what soft drink flavors Americans have a weakness for? This list might shock you more than anything because many of the flavors features in this list aren’t nearly as exciting as we would want them to be.


Since it’s one of the most well-known brands in the world, it’s really no surprise that Coke is the #1, most-purchased soft drink in the world. This rating is based on sales volume, which represents how much of the drink is sold every year.

Coke continues to hold its grip on market share. It comes in a red can, doesn’t taste all that great and contains caramel coloring, which, according to recent studies, has the potential to cause cancer. Nonetheless, Coke is the #1 flavor in the US.

top soda flavors in the US

Doesn’t this look tasty?

Diet Coke

Since Coke holds the #1 position, it should come as no surprise that diet-Coke sits pretty as America’s 2nd most popular flavor. Although diet Coke is still very popular, as evident by its sales volume, the total sales volume for diet flavors has been declining, and to be honest, many companies aren’t really sure what to do about it.


As the 3rd most-purchased flavor, Pepsi is another of America’s favorite. Oddly, though, it tastes almost identical to Coke, but Pepsi has a slightly different taste, and we enjoy Pepsi more than Coke, but we aren’t huge fans of either flavor ever since we bought our own machine.

Mountain Dew

This is the 4th most-purchased flavor in the US. After tasting this flavor’s sweet lemony taste, it’s easy to see why Mountain Dew is so popular. It comes in a green can but isn’t extracted from the top of some snowy mountain like the commercials would have you believe.

This flavor breaks away from the typical Cola flavors and offers consumers something a bit less routine. Mt. Dew also contains a significantly larger amount of caffeine when compared with the other flavors.

Dr. Pepper

Many Americans crave Dr. Pepper, and there is a reason why it’s one of the soft drinks that you see in the small fridge positioned right before the register. This flavor is the 5th most-purchased flavor in America.

It sort of has a cola type of taste, but like Pepsi, it’s slightly different. Dr. Pepper kind of has a bit of pep in its step – if that makes sense. Although it’s still considered one of your typical cola-flavored drinks, it’s obviously one of the America’s favorites.


In terms of sales volume, Sprite comes in at number 6. It has a citrus, lemony kind of taste, and although it would seem like it would taste like Mountain Dew, it actually tastes nothing like it. As the label would imply, Sprite tastes a lot like a lemony-lime type of flavor.

However, it would seem that when the manufacturers make Sprite one of their machines malfunctions and pours too much carbonation into the mixture. Sprite is one of the flavors that you can only take a few gulps of before you start to choke and hiccup because of the excessive carbonation.


We’re going to skip ahead to the 10th most-purchased flavor in the US, which is Fanta. This drink was stuck in obscurity for quite some time, but recently, it has become extremely popular. Fanta sort of tastes like an orange-infused version of Sprite but without the excessive carbonation that Sprite is known for.

The US sales volume for these flavors shows you exactly how popular they are, but you should use this as an opportunity to get creative and buy your own. With a high-end  machine, who needs these flavors? You can make your own special flavor and show this brand who is boss!

The Real Truth About Who Invented Soda Pop

Have you ever wondered who invented soda pop? Well, the answer to this question might be more shocking than you could’ve ever imagined.

We all know and love them – yes, we’re talking about soft drinks. Although you can get a less-authentic version from your local McDonalds, we’re discussing the real thing. This is the beverage that it all started with.

In The Beginning

who invented soda pop

Did it all begin with this?

If we want to go way back, we can trace it all the way back to when it was harvested from mineral springs. However, this doesn’t mean there are geysers that spew sprite or grape soda pop, but that would certainly be something to write about!

People used to bathe in mineral water because it was said to have healing properties. For the longest time, people wondered what makes the bubbles in mineral water, and later, scientists found out that carbon dioxide and gas carbonium were responsible for the bubbles that we observe in mineral water.

Some of the very first soft drinks weren’t carbonated, and these were served during the 17th century. Lemon juice and water, which was sweetened with honey, were the first-ever soft drinks served.

First Carbonated Drink

It was in 1767 that the first-ever carbonated soft drink was created, and it was made by a doctor named Joseph Priestley. It was about three years later when a Swedish chemist created an apparatus that makes carbonated water. It used sulfuric acid and chalk to make the water.

Put simply, this apparatus was able to produce an imitation of mineral water, and it could create it in large amounts. It wasn’t until about 1832 that the popularity of carbonated drinks really started to grow. Research shows that the first-ever carbonated soft drink was created in 1807, and it was made by a man named Philip Syng Physick.

Many of the earliest pharmacies actually contained pop fountains. In fact, people actually used to think soft drinks and mineral water had healing properties – they were considered health drinks. After countless years of research, we have a much better understanding of soft drinks and they potential benefits and downsides.

What About The Name?

In case you’re curious, the phrase ‘soft drink’ was actually derived from the phrase ‘soda water’, which dates back to 1798. It’s really just water that is infused with CO2 or carbon dioxide.

When it was first created, it was accomplished by suspending a bowl of water over a vat that contained fermenting beer. However, in 1771, a new and refined process was created by our friend Torbern Bergman.

How It’s Made Today

Today, this beverage is made a bit differently. The current process involves passing pressurized carbon dioxide through a large container of water with the use of a carbonator. Before the 20th century, the majority of soft drink production was handled by pharmacists because they have experience with medicine and chemistry.

It was during 1835 that the first bottle of sugar water was distributed in the US. As hard as it might be to believe, some of the first soft drinks were laced with cocaine and caffeine. In fact, soda used to be laced with a wide range of substances that, today, are classified as illegal substances.

You got to love our human history – right? The first-ever cola-flavored soft drink hit the market during 1881. Root beer was made in 1876. It wasn’t until about 1952 that the official diet soft drink was released.

Modern Sugar Water

Since it was first created and introduced to the public, pop has come along way. Today, it’s hard to find a store that doesn’t sell some type of this beverage, and some stores sell a wide range of sodas. Have you ever wondered how many cases of soft drinks are sold per year?

In 2006, over 10 billion cases of carbonated soft drinks were sold. It’s safe to say that it has really come a long way since its inception. Now that you know the gentleman who created it, all that is left to do is buy your own machine, so you can start making your own soft drinks!

The Health Benefits Of Soda You Never Knew

For as long as we can remember, people have been cracking open cans of their favorite soda. Do you know about the health benefits of drinking pop? Do you know if there are ANY benefits of drinking it?

Although it certainly comes with some downsides, there are several health benefits as well. Unfortunately, for quite some time, the media has associated our favorite fizzy drinks with a long list of negative health effects.

Calcium depletion, obesity and tooth decay being some of the most well-known downsides. The reality is that not all carbonated beverages are created equal, and many of them have a wealth of health benefits to provide. A carbonated drink is nothing more than fizzy water and flavoring.

Health Benefits of Carbonated Water

ealth benefits of soda pop

Is soda pop good for you?

When you consider the fact that all of it is made out of carbonated water, it’s important to consider its health benefits. Most people don’t know what carbonated water offers most of the same health benefits that regular water offers.

Since it’s basically just regular water with carbon dioxide added to it, why wouldn’t it have the same benefits? The addition of acidic and sugary ingredients is what makes it a bit more damaging to your health. However, it’s important to understand that something is only dangerous when you consume too much of it, which is why moderation is key.

Since it’s basically like regular water, carbonated water is able to keep you hydrated so don’t listen to people who say pop doesn’t give you hydration. It’s true that carbonated water doesn’t offer nearly as much hydration as regular water, but it’s still beneficial.

Cure Upset Stomach

Each day, millions of Americans suffer from upset stomach. There are many types that can relieve upset stomach, nausea and indigestion. Many studies have been performed on the benefits of carbonated drinks for curing stomach conditions.

In these studies, some people were told to drink regular tap water while others were told to consume a soft drink. The studies revealed that carbonated water has the power to cure upset stomach, and it can reduce indigestion significantly.


Another benefit of drinking this beverage is constipation. If you have bowel movements less than three times a week, then you’re suffering from constipation. Fortunately, you can use the pop made with your personal machine to cure constipation.

Some of the symptoms of constipation are painful bowel movements, gas and bloating. Research shows that carbonated water has the ability to relieve constipation, and the symptoms that encompass it.

Be Responsible

At the end of the day, we need to be responsible adults. Yes, it’s a great idea to buy your own machine, but we need to be responsible and consider how much sugar water we’re drinking or how much we’re allowing our children to drink.

Although soft drinks can taste amazing, there is such a thing as too much sugar water so drink responsibly. If you haven’t already purchased your own machine, you don’t even know what you’re missing out on. For the top products, check out this page.

Mind-Blowing Facts About Soda Pop You Need To Know

We all drink a lot of soda pop – that is a fact. Americans consume more of it than they should, which is proven by our horrible obesity rate. However, that doesn’t automatically mean it is bad for you. In fact, there are many interesting facts about soda pop that you need to know.

We’re in favor of this beverage and making it at home, so we’re trying to avoid all of the negative facts, and a quick Google search reveals plenty of negative facts. We want to try to highlight the positive and interesting facts about America’s dirty little secret.

Mind-Blowing Facts about Soda Pop

facts about soda pop

Get the real facts

Did you know that Americans purchase billions of cases of this stuff every year? We know – that is a lot of pop, but do you know how much a typical American drinks every year? Well, the answer is 45 gallons.

That might not seem like a lot, but if you go to the grocery store and buy 45 gallons of water and put them in a big pile in your home, you will see just how much is contained in 45 gallons! It’s too bad that the majority of this beverage is not made at home.

If all Americans could instantly discover the joy of making homemade pop with their own personal soft drink machine, the 45 gallons estimate would be MUCH higher. The diet of an average American contains an enormous amount of sugar. Did you know that sugar drinks, AKA, soft drinks, contribute the largest amount of sugar to your diet?

An average 20oz bottle of pop has about 16 teaspoons of sugar inside of it. For the longest time, the major brands have tried to deny the fact that science shows a clear link between sugar consumption and obesity.

However, that doesn’t mean that if you drink pop you’re automatically going to become obese! It’s the people who cannot control their soft drink consumption who end up becoming obese. Did you know that Coca Cola has over 3,500 different types of soft drinks, which includes their international selection?

Another interesting fact: the soft drink 7-Up used to contain something in it called lithium citrate, which is actually a mood stabilizing drug. This drug is used to treat bipolar disorder and depression.

The famous beverage 7-UP actually contained lithium until 1948, so now; you should have a good idea of where the ‘up’ in 7-UP came from and what it means.

Did you know that only a handful of souls know the secret formulation of Dr. Pepper? This beverage contains a blend of 23 flavors, and although there is a lot of speculation, nobody seems to know the exact flavors used in the drink.

Since you now have some interesting facts under your belt, why not start brewing your own? We can tell you what machine you should buy, so you can start making your own unique fizzing goodness.

How Is Soda Made – At Home And In The Factory

If you’re like most people, then you’ve probably wondered how soda is made. Although it might seem incredibly mysterious, it’s nothing like that Jesus did when he turned water to wine, and to be frank, there is nothing mysterious about this beverage.

A soft drink, which is pop, is a type of beverage. A typical can of pop contains only a few main ingredients. In most cases, it has flavoring, sweetener and carbonated water.

Depending on how it was made, a soft drink might have sugar substitutes, fruit juice, high-fructose corn syrup or a number of other ingredients. Diet options are almost always made with sugar substitutes. It’s also common for it to have preservatives, colorings and caffeine.

How Is It REALLY Made?

how soda is made

The making of soda

Another name for soda water is seltzer, or some people just call it carbonated water. As mentioned in previous articles, people used to praise carbonated water because they believed it had the power to heal almost any heath problem.

Before the creation of sophisticated technology, this beverage was only available from springs, which it naturally originated from. In the past, it was gathered from springs and bottled.

However, it’s worth mentioning that we’re talking about natural carbonated water – it’s not like there were these springs that sprayed fountains of Dr. Pepper day and night; nope, this was just plain carbonated water.

Industrial and Residential

You should know that there is a difference between how WE might make it and how the Coca-Cola Company makes it. Companies make this stuff on an industrial scale, so they have massive factories that house machinery that has been built specifically to produce it in the most economical and efficient way possible.

In a factory, a large amount of tap water is lowered to 46 degrees Fahrenheit. A water-soluble, basic source of bicarbonate is added to the chilled water. Potassium bicarbonate is the common ingredient used for this process. The bicarbonate raises the pH level of the solution.

Next, the mixture is pressurized with carbon dioxide gas, and the gas dissolves inside of the water, which forms carbonic acid, so the mixture’s pH level is reduced even further. Next, the mixture is added to a sealed container and pressurized with 120 PSI with more carbon dioxide gas, which keeps the water carbonated.

Most commercial establishments use small carbonator machines because it costs a lot of money to purchase pre-made sugar water.

In these machines, pressurized tap water is injected with carbon dioxide and flavoring is added. Now you know how the pop machine at your local McDonalds works. Thanks in large part to bartending aficionados in the US, making pop at home has become very popular.

How It’s Made At Home

To make it at home, the same basic process is used, but it’s used on a much smaller scale. You can purchase a personal maker, and this machine does all of the work for you.

All you need to do is acquire the basic ingredients and read the instructions. Everything is very straightforward, so almost anyone can make their own at home.

Discover The Shocking History Of Soda Pop

With millions of cases of the stuff sold every year, many consumers wonder where it comes from and how it all started. The true history of soda isn’t anything exciting – or it is? You’re probably familiar with the term soft drink – you know that stuff that we buy from McDonalds.

Well, there is actually a lot of history behind what we call a soft drink. This name comes from the phrase ‘soda water’, which, amazingly, dates all the way back to 1798. It was in 1767 that Joseph Priestly invented the first-ever carbonated water mixture.

This kind fellow discovered a way to fuse carbon dioxide with water, and ever since then, Americans have never looked back. The first mixture of pop was made with a beer vat and a bowl of water.

The Invention of a Similar Process

soda pops

Red delicious

After Joseph invented the first formulation, it wasn’t long before a similar process was developed. It was in 1771 that a chemistry professor, known as Torbern Bergman, created a similar process.

In an effort to cure his poor health, this man was desperately trying to find a way to replicate the natural water produced in Earth’s soda springs. He felt that reproducing this mineral water was the only way he would be able to cure his poor health.

Fast-forward To Today

These days, carbonated water is created through the process of injecting pressurized carbon dioxide into tap water, and a carbonator is used for this process. Before the early 20th century, the majority of producers were pharmacists, and these individuals were the ones making it because they had knowledge of chemistry and medicine.

The very first bottled pop was not produced in the United States until 1835. During this time, the local pharmacist was the person who was well-known for producing it. Before 1914, most drugs could be purchased over the counter, so it wasn’t disturbing to see pharmacists filling some of the first bottles of  the stuff with cocaine and many other drugs.

Since many types of drugs were being added, it started to give soda fountains a bad reputation because the public viewed them as being habit-forming. One of the first types of soft drink was root beer, which was created and sold during 1876. The famous and well-known beverage Coca-Cola was introduced to the market in 1881.

The Official Soft Drink

It was about 70 years later that the very first official diet soft drink was created, which was in 1952. Many other types were created shortly after. RC cola was created in 1958, and it was the first nationally-distributed diet cola. In the 1960s diet Pepsi and Fresca entered the market.

Since they were first made, there is no doubt that these drinks have come a long way. These days, billions of cases of soda are being sold. This is the basic history of soda. Now, you just need to decide what role you want to play in it.

Do you want to be the person who buys pre-made pop from the big corporations or do you want to be the unique individual who buys their own machine and goes on to make several famous and brilliant flavorful creations? If you want to make amazing homemade pop, then you need to check out our top-three list.

Amazing Reasons To Own A Personal Soda Maker

Do you need several reasons to justify owning your own soda maker? Maybe you’ve thought about buying your own, but a friend, family member or significant other didn’t think it was a good idea.

If this is the situation you’re in, then you need to have them read this breaking news. There are plenty of legitimate reasons concerning why it’s a great idea to own your own beverage maker. We’ll start with the obvious reasons first.


We all know that it isn’t hard to find a store that sells soft drinks. Heck, any fast food joint in town is sure to offer a few different flavors. In fact, many fast food joints force employees to go out of their way to ask customers if they would like to purchase a soft drink.

soda maker

A personal Soda maker

The main reason for this is because soft drinks have a very high profit margin, so as you can imagine, fast food joints and stores want to sell as many of them as possible. When you own your own machine, you don’t have to drive anywhere to get a soft drink.

Maybe you think it takes a long time to make pop with such a machine, but it really doesn’t take long at all. By making your own, you don’t have to recycle cans and bottles because you can pour the finished product in your favorite glass or mug. Convenience is one of the greatest benefits of making your own product.

Ultimate Customization

We’ve established the fact that most stores sell pop. In fact, most stores offer a decent selection of flavors. However, if you’re like most people, you need variety.  Your own personal machine is great because it allows you to make virtually any flavor that you could want.

With your own product, you can customize the flavoring and fizz level of the soft drinks that you make. You can also enjoy them fresh from the machine. You can make any flavor of soda that you want.

Stay Healthy

When you buy soft drinks from the local store or fast food joint, you cannot control what ingredients are put in. For all you know, they’re putting a bunch of junk ingredients in it that increase profits while skimping the customer. Why take that risk when you don’t have to?

With your own machine, YOU get to decide what goes into your soft drinks. You can choose from hundreds of different flavors, and you can avoid all of the chemicals and ingredients that are harmful to your health. You can even control the amount of calories in every drink.

Help the Environment

What is another good reason to buy your own machine? Well, you can help the environment. The average American drinks thousands of soft drinks every year. When you think about how much waste that puts into the environment, it’s staggering.

If you don’t make your own, you’re massively contributing to the destruction of the environment. Depending on the size of your family, a machine can prevent thousands of cans and bottles from polluting the environment.

Save Money

This is one of the top reasons to buy your own pop maker. If you produce your own soft drinks, you’ll be paying about 25 cents per can. When compared with how much you have to pay for the store-bought stuff, you’re able to save a huge amount of money.

The more of this beverage your family drinks the more money you will be able to save, but we don’t recommend you drink too much because it’s obviously not good for your health.

We’ve already established the fact that it’s not the healing solution that people once thought it was. There are some health benefits of drinking it, but you must consume it in moderation. Well, there you have it – these are some of the top reasons to do it yourself.